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Why Join Us ?

Bridge for your Great Future

If you're a youngster who need an opportunity to join BIG Company, we can provide you the opportunity.

Big Company has a lot of procedure in Recruiting, takes time and long budgeting procedure, so PT Kalos Anthrope Solusi act as a bridge for both party. While talented youngster  can prove themselves, our partner also can simplify their recruiting processes through B2B Scheme.

Learn Technology Implementation

Our Client & Project come from Multinational Company, handled big Companies with hundred / thousand branch, build a complex solution for the user, and give you great experience for  you to working in Team and Complex Project Management.


In 2008, I started career as network consultant in Dimension Data via outsourcing by Ronny Kurniawan. I still remember during interview I only know subnetting and Ronny provide me 1 week training until I pass CCNA. Fast forward It's been 11 years I am in Network industry and now I am working in banking industry as Assistent Vice President.
Everyone always start somewhere, you don't have to worry either outsource or direct as long as you give your full commitment you will success.

Benny Lim

2 x CCIE #41261 | Infrastructure Solutioning Architect at OCBC Bank Singapore

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Saya memulai pekerjaan pertama saya di Dimension Data sebagai karyawan outsource oleh Ronny Kurniawan. Setelah saya menyelesaikan kursus dan sertifikasi CCNA yang dibimbing oleh Ronny. Saat ini saya telah bekerja di perusahaan multinasional  sebagai Senior Manager, Network Infratructure.
Memulai sebagai karyawan outsource oleh Ronny, saya mendapatkan kesempatan untuk bekerja di perusahaan besar dan berkembang lebih baik. Selama kita bekerja dan memberikan yang terbaik, kesuksesan akan datang.

Hansen Handoko

Network Support Specialist - Senior Manager at Manulife

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